Handknitted Sweater for Newborn(Half Sleeves) Pack of Two - White & Green

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A cold weather needs lot of extra care for our Newborns. These Handwoven sweater not only gives the warmth needed in winter weather but its baby wool make it comfortable and soft for their bodies. Made of baby wool prevents their skin from rashes. Front Open which makes it easy to wear.

These sweaters come in excellent colors and designs.

For sweater set - It includes 2 half sleeves handwoven sweater

  • MATERIAL: Soft baby Wool, breathable fabric, comfortable and soft. Nice Knitted, thicker side, absolutely adorable .
  • BUTTON FRONT CLOSURE: Knit with round neck and long sleeves. Button design makes knitting Infant baby sweater outfit easier for baby to wear, give baby a more comfortable dress experience.