Half Yearly Birthday Hamper

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Feeding or Starting Solids is an important milestone in the baby development process which requires planning and preparation. “What to start” with and “how” needs proper guidance. But one thing you might agree on, you need everything which is convenient, baby safe. Our experts at The Baby First Box have decided to make your journey hassle free. Just sit and relax, our team is creating “ The First Feeding Box” for you.

The box includes:-

A SILICON BIB:- Mealtime is always messy as the kids are curious and exploring their food. If you always want something which you can clean after every mealtime, This is a perfect choice for you. These bibs have a lip or pocket at the bottom to catch food that your little one drops so it doesn't end up on her lap.

A PAIR OF FEEDING SPOON: Let your little one have a safe and enjoyable mealtime with the hot safe spoons, they change color when the food is hot which prevents you from dipping your finger again and again. They are easy to hold, 100% BPA free and the edges of these feeding spoons are soft on baby's tender gums.

SIPPER:- A Spout Cup sipper is a training cup that allows your baby to drink one sip at a time. Its soft silicon sipping easy and fewer parts ensure easy cleaning of the cup. WIPES:- The most popular product used by new moms. Baby wipes are extremely versatile and help in sailing through every tough situation.

BOOK:- Make the meal time more engaging with these small pocket sized board book for our little ones. While you show them these books, they get busy and less distracted while eating.

This box comes in Reusable box packing with a small milestone card. Perfect for gifting on half yearly(6 months) birthday too.