Why is it necessary to be prepared with new born essentials before delivery?

Bringing a new life to this world is undoubtedly a moment of jubilation and joy for new parents and their families. From the moment a woman conceives, the entire family starts preparing her for the baby mentally and emotionally. The pregnant woman is given the utmost care. All her physical and psychological needs are taken care of in the best possible ways. Everyone takes efforts to make sure both mother and baby are comfortable and safe.

As the third trimester approaches, the pregnancy jitters and worries increase. The anxiety faced by the new parents escalate as they prepare their new born into this world with a heart full of love and compassion. Friends and relatives contribute to suggest the latest and trending baby names. The Mom–To -Be is stuffed with her favourite food, her cravings are satisfied in all ways, hospital and gynecologist appointments are fixed and booked, the home is given a makeover to welcome the tiny bundle of joy and everyone is prepared for the moment eagerly!!! Wait! Are you ready yet? Nooooooo…. Are you missing something important? What are you missing then???? Read More >>>