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A new born baby is as soft and delicate as a fur ball. They need special care and nourishment to sustain. We are lying down some points on how to care for your bundle of joy’s soft skin. Here they are:

  • Cradle cap: It is like flakes on baby’s scalp. Cradle cap is not harmful or serious but might lead to itchiness for babies. When having cradle cap, wash baby’s head with a mild shampoo and be mindful to not to scratch baby’s scalp to remove it as it may lead to serious outcomes.
  • Navel: When a baby is born, an umbilical cord is attached to her navel. Generally, people apply oil or ghee on it. This is a sure shot no! The umbilical cord needs to be dried up on its own and fall off. Anything applied on it can lead to fungal infections. 
  • Unwanted hair: First of all, whatever baby has, should not be treated as unwanted. When babies are born, they tend to have fine and soft hair known as lanugo. All you should do is massage the baby regularly but gently and within sometime the hair will start disappearing on their own.
  • Bathing: Babies do enjoy bathing time, provided if it is done gently and the right way. First of all, new born babies don’t need a very hard bath with lots of soaps, washes etc. Since they neither sweat, nor play in soil or dust, a quick bath even with water works for them. However, there is no harm to use a mild wash or shampoo to clean them as sometimes they smell of milk residues and have conditions like cradle cap.
  • Diaper rash/diaper change: The best way to get rid of diaper rashes is to make the baby wear diapers, as less as you can. But in case, you have to make them do so, make sure you change the diaper ever 2-3 hours to prevent any rashes. Never make your baby wear diapers when he is even moist, forget wet. But if you observe any rashes, there are many rash creams available in the market which you can choose. If not, home remedies like applying coconut oil on affected area works wonders.
  • Baby Acne: It is another common phenomenon in babies. Generally, they heal on their own but if the acne has got puss, please consult your doctor and don’t apply anything without consultation. 
  • Say no to powder: Powders have very tiny particles which may enter any of your baby’s organs like eyes, mouth or genitals or even lungs which can lead to infections. Hence avoid baby powders.
  • Prickly heat: Prickly heat can be due to tight clothes, swaddling or too much hot temperature as per baby. Move the child to a cool area or use AC or fan as the weather allows. Always keep the skin clean, cool and dry. No need to cover the affected area. Make the baby wear less or you can even keep the baby clothes free for some time. Keep the baby well-hydrated. Breastfeed babies on demand and ensure that older babies have constant access to water.
  • Dry skin: As soon as the baby is born, they tend to have a peeling skin. Please be aware this is very normal and need no cure. However, as the baby grows, she might have dry skin, the only cure to which is moisturize. Find a gentle baby moisturizer available in the market. Also, don’t use excessive water on baby’s skin as it may also deplete pH levels.
  • Body Massage: This is the best time to bond with your baby. So, make sure it should be comforting and gentle so that the baby enjoys it. But massages are meant for making babies stronger and stimulate them too, hence look for the right technique and right massage oil which can help in your baby’s growth.
  • Face care: Very often babies scratch themselves on faces with their nails. Also, many of the babies drool one or the other time which makes their mouth and areas like upper lip and chin dry. Invest in a good baby face cream. Please do not use any kind of oil on facial area as it may lead to acne.
  • Eyes cleaning: The best way to clean eyes is to dab some organic cotton in water and gently swipe through the eyes. Many people think breast milk as the one stop solution for everything and even put milk drops in baby’s eyes. This is a big no! And it may lead to eye infections. Also, do not use any eye drop without consulting your doctor.
  • Cleaning mouth and neck after each feed: Residues of solid foods and milk can cause skin infections and bad odour. Gently dab baby’s mouth and neck with either muslin cloth or organic cotton after each feed. Please be mindful of not using any harsh clothes or rubbing the neck or mouth as it may lead to rashes. 
  • Skin care products (avoid harsh chemicals): Thankfully these days many organic and natural baby products are available in markets. Read the contents of the products carefully. They should be free from harmful chemicals like paraben and sulphate. Also, always patch test your baby before using any new product on them.
  • Massage oil: A good Massage oil is very important as it helps in the physical development of baby. Choice of massage oils are sometimes dependent upon weather, geographical area and not to mention, our Dadi Nani’s nuskha(Grandmother’s advice).  For example, mothers prefer to massage babies born in winters with olive oil as its warm. Mothers in the southern India prefers to use coconut oil because of its abundance in the area. Some mothers even prefer mustard oil as that is something have been used since ages by our grandmothers. Well, whatever the massage oil be, always remember to use what works best for you and your baby.
  • Laundry wash/washing baby clothes: Laundry washes for adults has chlorine in it which definitely cleans and brightens the clothes but also make them rough and since chlorine particles tend to remain on clothes, it makes it harmful as well. Hence, in no way, baby’s clothes should be washed in normal detergents for certain reasons. One, babies should wear softest of the clothes as their skin is very delicate and Two, they sometimes even chew their clothes and particles like bleach and chlorine should not go inside their mouth. Hence, invest in a good laundry wash which are free from all harmful chemicals.

Hope these points will help you in keeping your little one soft and safe. 

Disclaimer: Please reach out to our doctor if any of the problems persists for long.

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