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Last trimester of pregnancy is an exciting time. Everyone is eager to welcome the new baby home.  However, it can be quite overwhelming for the parents-to- be as they spend restless days and jittery nights in anticipation of the future.

We shall discuss in details below about how to make the entire child delivery experience less stressful and more memorable for the new parents.

It is essential to be well prepared and plan in advance for a comfortable and smooth stay in the hospital and also after going home with the baby.

Preparation starts with the packing of the Hospital Bag. Every pregnancy is different and the period of labour differs for every woman. The labour and childbirth cannot be predicted in advance. Hence it is advised to be ready with a checklist of items that are needed in the hospital on admission and post-delivery.

Why should you prepare a Hospital bag?

Hospital bag should contain the essentials required before labor, during delivery and after childbirth. It helps the couple to be comfortable and relaxed instead of being anxious and panicky. Sometimes maternity hospitals/ birth centers are located quite far away from the home which makes frequent trips to home difficult. So, it is better to be well equipped in advance.

When should you prepare a Hospital bag?

Ideally the hospital bag should be packed 2 weeks before due date / by 36-37 weeks so that you are ready even if you go into labor early. High risk pregnancy women should be prepared a bit more in advance by 34th or 35th week.

How should you prepare a Hospital bag?

Generally, a vaginal delivery requires 2-4 days of hospital stay and a C-sec delivery takes 3-7 days for initial recovery and removal of stitches. Mostly it depends on the gynecologist and hospital rules. This information must be collected prior to the admission for better understanding.

Additionally, it is good to check with the hospital about the essential things that they offer so that you can pack the hospital bag accordingly. It will help to avoid missing any important things due to last minute confusion or over packing due to anxiety.

Below is a detailed checklist for packing the hospital bag for mothers, fathers and babies.

This exhaustive list has been prepared keeping in mind the common needs and requirements of parents around the time of delivery. It will immensely help the new parents to be well prepared, independent and tension free. At the same time, they can enjoy a hassle-free parenting experience with their bundle of joy later.

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