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According to the Oxford dictionary, Babymoon is a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born. This term originated in 1970 by blending the words- Baby and Honeymoon.

It is taking a time off together as a couple to any destination to relax and enjoy with each other. It could be to beaches, massage spas, resorts, hotels or any other place as per the couple’s choice and interest.

Some of the Answers to the questions related to Babymoon

  • Why should you go for Babymoon?

It helps the mom to be and dad to be bond better with each other and brush away their anxieties and insecurities. It is also a way of celebrating the new life that awaits ahead. You can be preparing yourself mentally for the next 8-12 months of joy, sleepless nights, diaper changes, crying spells, etc. which usually (as most of the new parents say) drastically reduces the bonding time between the couple.

  • When you should go for Babymoon?

Generally, it is planned in the 2nd trimester when the phase of morning sickness has passed and the baby belly hasn’t grown so big making it the most comfortable period for travel.

  • Where should you go for Babymoon?

You should discuss and decide a babymoon based on the joint interests and preferences of you and your spouse. Be it beaches, mountains or exotic destination, choose a place of your interest and which is easy for you to travel. Avoid too much travelling. Please remember it is a Babymoon not an adventure trip.

  • What you do on Babymoon?

Arrange surprise dinners, book a hotel room for bringing back the romance, have a spa appointment to pamper each other, visit a quiet and serene place like countryside resorts, or enjoy the sun, sand and the sea at the beach-side! However, it is recommended to keep a few things in mind before planning!

Things to remember before planning a Babymoon

  • Consultation with the gynecologist– Babymoon should be planned only after the health practitioner gives a green signal after completion of all the necessary scans and tests. However, it is better to avoid travelling long distance if the gynecologist advises against it. Visit to local places can be planned instead.
  • Availability of emergency medical aid– It is always better to carry the important medicines and keep medical records handy while travelling. At the same time, it is important to note down the nearest hospitals or medical centers in case of any emergency.
  • Distance and travel time– It is good to remember while planning a babymoon that a pregnant woman will get exhausted by traveling for longer duration. It is always better to split the journey or prefer nearby destinations. Whatever be the mode of journey, keep moving the legs and keep them elevated to prevent leg cramps or swollen ankles due to lack of blood circulation.
  • Flight– Every flight company has different rules regarding flying during pregnancy for domestic and international flights. It is better to confirm and comply with those rules. Book the aisle seat that helps the expecting mom to move around and visit the washroom easily.
  • Packing – Carry prescribed supplements, prescribed pain killers, pain relieving gels, sunscreen, mosquito repellents, hand sanitizer and other toiletries. To stay well fed and hydrated at all times carry sufficient snacks and fluids. Comfortable clothes, extra seasonal clothes, well-fitting comfortable shoes are must. Also take along backpacks to distribute weight equally and a small pillow.
  • Research– Do read up in detail about the destination you are planning to visit. Avoid countries that have any health risks or virus scare. Get vaccinated if required.
  • Electronic devices– Digital cameras and video recorders are always a good idea to capture the precious memories forever. Don’t forget to carry the battery chargers or spare batteries to avoid any crisis.
  • Rest– Along with fun and adventure, it is necessary to grab sufficient rest while travelling. Remember baby moon is for relaxation and enjoyment both!
  • Local weather – Avoid planning during extreme temperatures. Check in advance about the weather and temperature range for a couple of days.
  • Food– Always prefer bottled water, cooked food, less spicy, less oily food to avoid any digestion problems.

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