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”The moment a child is born, a mother is also born ” – Osho

Motherhood is one of the greatest but hardest thing to do. It completely transforms the life of a woman. There are few struggles that every new mom face be it her first delivery or the last. She can be prepared by setting up the physical infrastructure required in the initial phase, however, the mental and emotional challenges still come unasked for.

Some of the commonly faced challenges by a new mother in her post-partum days are as follows:

  • Physical Changes– Sagging belly, heavy engorged breasts, nagging back pain, stretch marks, dryness of skin, tenderness or pain in pelvic region, pain and itching around the stitches, overall heaviness of the body, etc. makes it difficult for every mother to embrace the new phase easily.

Tip to Overcome – Remember! These are just temporary changes that can be reverted by sticking to a healthy lifestyle and following a healthy diet. For removal of stretch marks and for preventing skin dryness, our box includes a good quality and affordable Stretch mark removal oil and Body Butter that are tried and tested.

  • Sleep deprivation – A new born baby has erratic sleep-wake cycles. Until a regular pattern is established, a nursing mother has to be awake for more hours than her usual routine. This takes a toll on her mental and psychological wellbeing. Fatigue, frequent mood swings, weakness, lack of interest, etc are some of the side effects due to lack of sleep.

Tip to Overcome – In winters and monsoon, the babies wake up more often due to the drop in temperature and frequent urination. We have an efficient solution to this in the form of Cloth / disposable diapers that keep the baby comfortable for longer durations, Hand-knitted winter wear to keep the baby warm and cosy, Quick dry sheets that absorb liquids, blankets, etc

  • Lack of ”Me time”– This is one of the main reasons why women feel a loss of identity after childbirth. The entire focus shifts to the infant and tending to their various needs. It leaves the new mom with less/ no time for self care. She often doubts her abilities and spirals into a sea of worthlessness and sadness. She misses her old self (before motherhood) and longs to reach that state once again.

Tip to Overcome – For this very reason, Our Box includes nail cutters, forehead thermometers, nasal aspirators (nose cleaners), muslin swaddle cloth, wipes, etc. to help a new mom organize herself better with these useful time saving products. She can now explore her free time more productively and efficiently.

  • Breastfeeding woes– Latching and suckling issues, sore nipples, cracked nipples, bleeding, engorged breasts, plugged milk ducts, excessive or decrease in blood supply, sleepy infant, mastitis, improper positions leading to discomfort to both baby and mother.

Tip to Overcome – However, a lactation consultant can easily help to overcome these problems by demonstration of appropriate ways to establish the breastfeeding routine. Our box includes Breast pads for a new mom which can be a boon for her in case of leakage.

  • Post-partum depression (PPD) – Generally known as “Baby Blues”, it is experienced by most moms immediately after child birth. Overactive hormones, lack of sleep, an overwhelming fear of caring for the new born, stress, anxiety, physical changes, inability to bond with the baby, etc. can trigger postpartum depression in the new mother. The symptoms of PPD are loss of appetite, bizarre mood swings, suicidal thoughts, thoughts of harming the baby, lack of interest in baby, unexplained anger or irritation, delusional thoughts, etc. and these need to be referred to a specialist as early as possible.

             Tip to Overcome – Treatment for PPD is available unlike earlier days when it was not   much understood. Eating healthy, intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, exercise, getting enough sunlight, sharing fears and worries with loved ones, taking out time to pursue one’s interests whenever possible such as reading, listening to music, watching tv etc., visiting a counsellor, social interaction, etc. helps to reduce the symptoms of PPD.

We understand the concerns and challenges faced by new mothers and hence we came up with the concept of “The Baby First Box”. We help to-be/new parents by delivering essential baby products required in the first few months. These products are specially curated and specifically handpicked by our in-house experts to provide a pleasant experience in their parenting journey. New moms/parents can specifically customize the boxes as per their needs and seasonal requirements.

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