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“Self-care is a priority and necessity, not a luxury!”

Hello ladies! Do you remember the last time you spent some quality time on yourselves? Did you ever pamper yourself like the way you pamper others? Have you ever felt that your mind & body seem too exhausted but still life seems to be moving automatically? Have you ever paused and thought and focused on yourself? 

Well, if the answer is NO to most of these questions, then this blog is just for you.

Self-care and self-love should be a part of daily routine. It is important to look after ourselves not just when we are sick but every single day. It helps you stay happy, be healthy, active and free from stress. Women do many roles in the society and at home by being a mother, daughter, sister, doctor, caregiver, nurse, teacher, supervisor, manager, etc. and works hard to do justice to each one of them. They are busy ticking off things from others’ list that they fail to channelize the energy towards themselves.

Women are excelling in almost all the fields today. Their multitasking abilities and intuitive decision-making skills make them successful wherever they go. But on the other hand, they feel guilty or overwhelmed to spend some time alone or go out for a solo trip or for that matter just for a coffee with a friend. Its high time women realize that self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-respect.

As the old saying goes- You cannot pour from an empty cup!

Come let’s fill ourselves with positivity, energy and enthusiasm. Show your body & mind the love it deserves. Follow simple tips like following: –

  1. Planning & Organizing – Plan in advance about daily chores, weekly meal plans, grocery / vegetable shopping lists, payment deadlines. It helps to reduce stress and procrastination. Some ideas can be helpful for new moms who are finding it difficult to manage household responsibilities along with handling the new born or for working momswho are stressed due to time crunch.

Minimalistic living– Konmari method of organization is a wonderful method developed by Marie Kondo for simplifying and minimizing our lifestyle by getting rid of items that does not spark joy anymore.

– Plan and prioritize day to day tasks in the order of the most important ones and the one that you are likely to avoid doing. Brian Tracy in his book “Eat that frog” advices that we should completer those tasks first that are difficult, important and urgent. We often pick up the easier and interesting tasks first and the important ones get delayed due to procrastination.

Involve & include family members– Try to involve your spouse and kids in everyday activities. In this way, everyone contributes their bit and in a short time it becomes a part of daily routine. Kids are always to participate in fun activities so involve them in daily chores in a playful and interesting way.

Delegate -Divide and delegate chores to all the members of the house depending on the difficulty levels. This helps you to get some time free from the daily chores. Otherwise it gets too overwhelming and exhausting.

2. Practice Mindfulness– Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to your thoughts. Live in the present and stop worrying about future. Enjoy the task in hand and be in sync with the moment. Women should enjoy every phase of their lives because each phase in unique and beautiful in its own way. Be it pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding, just be calm and remain mindful of your body and thoughts.

3. Me time– Dedicate some time for yourself every day. Try to rejuvenate and recharge yourself. Try waking up 10 mins early than you usually do and sit at peace with yourself. Maintain a peace corner in your home where you can spend some time with yourself doing things that makes you happy. Sometimes new mothers find it difficult to find “me time”.  She should discuss with spouse or other family members and have them look after the baby to let her take some time off for herself.

4. Disconnect from electronic gadgets– Make a rule of switching off all electronic devices and gadgets for 30 mins to 1 hour every day. This reduces your anxiety and makes you more mindful of your surroundings. 

5. Eat healthy– Adequate nutrition and good eating habits help to keep the mind and body healthy and active. It prevents other diseases or illnesses from entering the body. Remember homemade food is the best option always. It is also very important to stay hydrated. Intake of water and other liquids such as milk, juices, milkshakes, smoothies, coconut water, etc. is important at regular intervals. Water flushes out the toxins and regulate body temperature. It prevents constipation and keep the body fresh and active.

6. Pamper yourself – Stay at home mothers or work from home mothers can often feel stuck or bored at home with their monotonous routines. They can watch movies, go for shopping, go to the salon, go for lunch or dinner treats with friends, or whatever else gives some moments of happiness and relaxation.

7. Physical activity – It is scientifically proven that physical activities and exercises release happy hormones that can elevate your mood whenever you feel low. They keep weight in check and regulate hormone functions. For e.g.  exercise, yoga, aerobics, Pilates, brisk walking are quite beneficial. There are fitness classes conducted even during pregnancy and after childbirth because it definitely has positive effects.

8. Practice Meditation – It helps to connect the mind with body. It increases concentration and focus and brings thoughts on the right path. It keeps mind free from negative thoughts or depression.

9. Get Enough Sleep – Adequate sleep is essential for the mind to function and the body to work. Lack of sleep can ruin your mood, make you lethargic and unproductive. New mothers often lack proper sleep till the baby’s sleep routine is established. In such situations there is no harm to assign someone else to look after the baby and get some rest themselves.

10. Develop a hobby – We often get burdened by responsibilities and other duties that we forget what makes us happy. There is no correct age or time to follow your passion. Just listen to yourself and do anything that makes you happy. Reading, gardening, cooking, dancing, listening to music, writing, DIY activities, etc. helps you learn something new each day. You feel proud of your achievements and it boosts your self-confidence as well.

11. Embrace Positivity– A positive mind leads a positive life. Repeat positive affirmations each day and attract positive thoughts. Stay away from negative people, place or things. Surround yourself with like-minded people who appreciate and encourage you always.

12. Read and Listen to Podcasts– Reading books can be quite therapeutic. It calms the mind and relives the stress. Self-help books, inspirational, non-fiction genres can make you feel better. Listen to podcastsof your favorite spiritual leaders. It psychologically helps to deal with difficult emotions and situations.

13. Plan vacations/ picnics/ trips – Go out for short trips or holidays with friends or family every 6 months. Change of surroundings helps to you get closer to yourself. This helps you bond better with kids and spouse as well.

14. Keep a personal diary/Journal -This is a great way to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and improve your efficiency. It helps you release all the pent-up emotions and declutters the mind.

15. Practice gratitude and forgiveness – Let go worries and insecurities. Ignore complaints and grudges. Change your faulty thought process. Be thankful to small things in life and be happy about it.

At the end of the day just remember that are already doing your best. You are powerful. Take a deep breath and hug yourself. Be proud of yourself.  Nobody is perfect in this world. Love yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Be kind and gentle towards yourself.

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