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Deepti Gupta (Co-Founder)

A Post Graduate in Computer Applications. She brings to the table more than a decade of experience in Software Development. She has worked in various MNCs in Finance domain.

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Garima Aggarwal (Co-Founder)

A Post Graduate in Management, (Human Resources). She brings to the table more than a decade of experience in Training & Content Development. She has worked in industries like BFSI, Telecom and Education.

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Two new moms (One of an infant and another of a Toddler at that time) were talking on the phone one day about problems they faced during first 3 months after their delivery. And it was shocking to know that even after the gap of 3 years between both kids, the problems faced were same. They were unclear about the products they needed, brands to refer to and who would buy for them. "Wish we had a Genie".. both said. So, the idea of being a genie and helping a new mom came into existence and that very day, “THE BABY FIRST BOX" was born.

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Our Vision is to help out expecting/new parents by providing them with essentials for their new born. Today market is flooded with endless baby products that often leave you confused and helpless. Undoubtedly, you want the best for your new born but unknowingly, you end up buying so many unwanted things. We help you choose the most important products for your baby. We don't overload you with unnecessary products but only the ones that can help you make your baby's life easier in the first few months. All the boxes are curated by experienced moms who follow expert guidelines.



Each box is packed with love. We provide all kinds of baby essentials - from Cloth Diapers to Diaper rash creams, Nail Cutters to Nasal Aspirators, Breast pads to Bed Protectors and much more. We offer nothing but the best in every box. All high quality products are carefully handpicked and packed in an aesthetically decorated box along with a congratulatory card. We readily customize each box to cater to every customer's unique needs, location, season, gender and budget. Our services can be availed all over India. Or We cater to customers across the globe.